Social Responsibility

We are a for-profit company with giving at our core.

Do good better

Our work in social responsibility is defined by the future we are aiming for; we want to see our work reflected in the lives of the people we have impacted over the years. We focus on three areas: education, housing and health/hygiene. The faces you see on our social responsibility pages speak to the world we see in 2052.

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Our commitment 

Over the years we have honed an exciting, progressive working model that informs our ten-year focus. In a nutshell: We are South Africa’s innovative and growing social responsibility content creators, breaking down barriers to reveal burning social issues, or what we call CSI industry pains. We create dialogue on pertinent development issues in a bid to drive industry change.

Our ten-year business strategy is driven by development, giving, scalability and sustainability. The aim of the strategy is not to chase profit while trying to stay ethical and law-abiding; rather, our goal is to pursue purpose through creating products, platforms, projects and campaigns that offer opportunities to other ambitious small business owners so that they, too, can serve our South African development community. We use profit as the catalyst to leverage partnerships with corporates, government and non-profit organisations.



1. Education

One education person in every rural household by 2050

2. Housing

Provide 3000 families with housing and shelter by 2050

3. Health & Hygiene

Eradication of all pit-toilets and providing access to medical facilities to all rural communities by 2050


Why it matters

South Africa has the largest corporate social responsibility and investment spend on the African continent, and yet sits with more inequalities than any other country in the world. Our youth unemployment is a staggering 66%.  This is alarming, and should matter to anyone working in the social development space in South Africa.

Social responsibility matters to us because South Africa is sitting on the brink of disaster.  We have seen these dangerous conditions exploding in the form of the 2021 July looting, and in xenophobic attacks that regularly occur across the country.  Anyone who earns a salary has a social responsibility, and businesses, including ours, have a responsibility to define and act on a well-considered plan to alleviate these tensions.

This is our country, and how it fares matters to us. Our progressive working model for social responsibility has a ten-year vision and a three-pronged scope: housing, education and health/hygiene.

We recently launched our dedicated social responsibility platform, the GivenGroup Foundation.  This is a social investment arm funded by CSRNEWS to manage CSI funds and projects.

Through this programme, we will be advancing three causes:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Housing

We built our first Church with office space in rural Mpumalanga in 2021,with more projects to follow.  The GivenGroup Foundation will be officially launched this year. We are excited about this new venture and look forward to demonstrating what can be done by a small, well-informed group on a mission.


Working with bold clients to address South Africa’s social challenges

The GivenGroup Foundation was established to tackle the many practical project management tasks associated with corporate social investment, and is a natural outflow from our years of CSI practice in its many diverse forms. Over the years, we have built up a team of development specialists, qualified journalists, editors and project managers who are modern, creative and forward thinking. All are steeped in the language and knowledge of CSI and able to deliver impactful projects that meet both the developmental needs of SADC countries and the demands of corporate boardrooms.

The GivenGroup Foundation is the social responsibility arm of CSRNEWS – a businesses dedicated to helping others reach their social responsibility goals.  Our strategy is to weave Vision2050 through all of our client engagements, touching, where possible, on our own three-pronged social responsibility programme of education, housing and health/hygiene. By incorporating this vision into all facets of our work—from client counselling conversations to our analyses and recommendations—we help clients achieve their goals while addressing the fundamental needs of our society.

Through the GivenGroup, we also manage clients’ projects and budgets, depending on needs. We offer a complete service that takes the hassle out of managing vast CSI programmes or parts thereof. With the GivenGroup, clients are assured of a transparent, expert and well-informed use of their funds, with full reporting given at regular phases throughout the lifespan of the project.

Speak to us about how the GivenGroup Foundation can manage your CSR budget for maximum impact, with complete transparency and accountability.


Our Foundation

We achieve our objective of giving through our recently launched foundation, the GivenGroup Foundation. The Foundation is an extension of the giving work we have been doing over the years, now formalised through a focused and impactful agenda.