FirstRand Foundation – Request For Information (RFI) On Creative Economy


Johannesburg, South Africa – In line with the Cultural Creative Industries Masterplan, and as part of its commitment to building a thriving creative economy, the FirstRand Foundation (FRF) has announced a call for information from organisations focused on creative talent.

The FRF recognizes the abundance of diverse talent across the country, and the need to broaden participation in certain demographic groups, areas such as rural communities, and certain creative art forms, such as indigenous art forms that have previously not been supported.

The objective of this RFI is to gather information from organisations that participate in the creative economy, aligned to the FirstRand Foundation’s focus on building an integrated and inclusive creative sector, unlocking assets within communities, and promoting culture and heritage. The foundation seeks to advance, promote, and protect culture and heritage by identifying and nurturing creative talent, growing talent pipelines, and creating opportunities for innovation.

Organisations that meet the criteria and are focused on creative talent, may submit their information for consideration. The FRF welcomes organisations operating in any of the 9 provinces of South Africa and rural communities. The beneficiary profile for this RFI is Black South African nationals, aligned with the Foundation’s BBBEE mandate.

The FRF seeks information from organisations that are registered not-for-profit entities (NPO, NPC, Foundation, etc.), schools, universities, colleges, educational institutions, boards or bodies that have applied their resources in pursuit of one or more public benefit activities listed in Part I of the Ninth Schedule of the Income Tax Act, and registered as a Public Benefit organisation. Organisations must have a minimum of three (3) years of operating experience.

In your submission, please submit only a soft copy (email) before the deadline. The deadline for submission of RFI responses is 8 May 2023, no later than 12 pm. All correspondence to the Foundation, with regard to all aspects of this RFI must be forwarded in writing to The RFI reference number must be quoted in all correspondence – RFI Reference: FirstRand Foundation Creative Economy.

Enquiries shall only be responded to by the Foundation if received in writing and sent to

The FRF recognises the importance of the creative economy in South Africa and looks forward to receiving information from eligible organisations, which will contribute towards building a thriving and resilient creative economy.

For further information and to view the RFI document, please visit the FirstRand Foundation’s website at

RFI Reference: FirstRand Foundation Creative Economy

Date of Issue: 19 April 2023

Closing date for RFI questions: 5 May 2023

Deadline for submission of RFI responses: 5 May 2023, no later than 12 pm


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