Pioneering Digital Education For South Africa’s Artisans, With International Partnerships And Local Impact

Established in 2016, FOSH is rewriting the narrative for artisan training across South Africa, paving the way for a future where digital technology, immersive learning and practical applications are the cornerstones of education.

In a world where digital literacy has become as important as learning to read and write, FOSH has embraced this evolution, transforming the educational landscape for the artisan industry. Utilising innovative digital tools – from mobile phones and computers to virtual reality – FOSH breaks away from traditional rote learning methods, focusing instead on immersive, project-based training that reflects real-world scenarios.

Collaborating with a German company called Christiani Africa, renowned for its expertise in the educational space and innovative work with “EdTech” educational technology, FOSH has set a new benchmark in digital content creation and learning experiences across various trades, such as construction, energy, mining and technology sectors.

FOSH’s commitment to the transformation of technical education was recently illustrated in a lecture capacity-building project, undertaken alongside the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), SASOL, SAR Electronics and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ).

The project saw 166 TVET lecturers from 31 colleges across South Africa upskilled through an 11-week training program. The program, which combined face-to-face and online sessions, deployed an array of digital tools, including virtual 3D environments, virtual and augmented learning tools and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

This marked a clear departure from traditional teaching methodologies, highlighting the transformative power of digital technology in education. However, FOSH’s commitment doesn’t end in the classroom. They’ve also pioneered a mentoring hub for artisans, supporting the professional growth of young individuals within these industries. FOSH has played a crucial role in the development of young professionals, providing them with valuable mentorship opportunities.

Besides nurturing young talent, FOSH has also thrown its weight behind small businesses, integrating and mentoring small local business owners related to the industry through their programmes. Through these interventions, FOSH has enabled small businesses to grow, prosper and contribute meaningfully to the local economy. Adherence to South African National Standards (SANS) and industry-specific guidelines underpins all FOSH’s initiatives, reinforcing the credibility of their offerings. Their suite of services extends beyond content development to online learning administration, educational gaming, orientation for digital and virtual reality applications, and live-streaming.

At the helm of artisan education in South Africa, FOSH continues to pave the way for a bright future. Through their commitment to learning solutions, managed learning services, technology adaptation and implementation, FOSH aims to redefine the educational experience for artisans, ushering in a new era of workplace performance and transformation.

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