Natania Botha: a social and environmental justice activist and her artistic journey

Natania Botha is a renowned figure in the fields of environmental and social justice activism. A native of South Africa, Natania has dedicated her life to being an artist, activist and youth development advocate. Her experience spans various programmes within the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) sector, collaborations with government institutions and contributions to academia in the field of climate change.

Natania’s commitment to positive change is evident in her work and the key areas she focuses on. She is passionate about promoting youth development, women’s empowerment and making education accessible to all. She is also a staunch environmentalist, advocating for ecosystem restoration, sustainable living and climate change action.

Natania’s artistic talent is an essential part of her identity, and she infuses it into her work, creating thought-provoking art pieces and compelling proposals. Her art reflects her journey and a deep appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit.

When asked about her favourite colour, lavender comes to mind, symbolising calm, relaxation and higher consciousness. She enjoys feeding birds in Silver Lakes while sipping her morning coffee and savours a unique combination of gem squash, chicken, green salad with avocado, and broccoli.

Natania’s vision is to ensure that everyone has access to food, especially those who are homeless or hungry. She is currently on a mission to give her art provenance while planting 1,000 trees, recognising the power of small gestures to make a significant impact on communities.

Natania Botha’s life and work serve as a reminder that we can all make a difference with one small act of kindness or artistic expression at a time.

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