CSI Manager Of The Year 2023

Our CSI Manager of the Year issue sets the tone for the future of our industry, highlighting the essential elements of successful CSI management and defining the role of tomorrow’s CSI managers.

The experience of shaping, assembling and actively participating in CSI initiatives has been metamorphic, and I am grateful to have been a part of it. We recognise South Africa’s unique CSI pedigree, which was shaped by the historical context of apartheid. This perspective has allowed us to challenge societal norms and industry leaders, continuously questioning why things are done a certain way. This introspective and innovative approach forms the foundation of our CSI strategy.

Our evaluation criteria, built upon pillars such as strategic development, thoughtful programme deployment, industry alignment and self-development, provide a framework for aspiring CSI managers to navigate the complex landscape of social responsibility.

This issue explores three distinct pathways taken by CSI industry leaders. The case studies of Old Mutual, Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa and AECI, reveal diverse approaches to development, from educational programmes to community-focused initiatives. These examples demonstrate the tangible impact of CSI initiatives on both micro and macro-economic levels, contributing to rural and township communities’ GDP and fostering self-sustainability.

The individuals featured on the front cover are not merely CSI managers; they are leaders and stalwarts, shaping the future of CSI management. In a sea of pioneers, they stand out as trailblazers, each bringing a unique perspective to the table and collectively contributing to a shared narrative for the industry.

We congratulate Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa, AECI and Old Mutual for their outstanding foresight. We look forward to continuing this annual tradition of recognising excellence in CSI management. The CSI Manager of the Year issue is proof of our commitment to driving positive change and fostering sustainable growth in the South African CSI industry.

Here’s to another year of forward-thinking that positively influences corporate social responsibility.

Congratulations to Tsholo, Nicole, and Khotso on your induction into the CSI Hall of Fame! Your names are now etched in the hearts and minds of CSI as leaders and champions.

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