Climate Change Taking Centre Stage In South African Businesses Amidst A Global Crisis

Natania Botha is an environmental and social change activist, and the Content Development and Partnership Coordinator for Indalo Inclusive South Africa NPC.

As an environmental and social change activist, I realise that the challenges in South Africa are vast and that there are no easy answers to tackling them all. Although climate change should be at the top of every country’s priority list, we have so many pressing issues in South Africa, like the high unemployment rate, poverty, and inequality; therefore, environmental matters often take a back seat. It is, however, encouraging to see that more companies are allocating resources to addressing climate change challenges. We should all be working together to prioritise the environment, as well as green and inclusive enterprises. This is what Indalo Inclusive does.

As a woman, I feel privileged that I live in a country that recognises the need to create more opportunities for women, and that we also have the right to a seat at the table to help formulate policies around environmental sustainability and social change. Of course, there is more that we can do to uplift women and to ensure that we the same equal opportunities that men do. Although many policies prioritise women, these policies mean nothing if people’s attitudes towards women do not change. If we really want to change the plight of women, we ourselves need to change, and this means realising that women are just as valuable as their male counterparts in all areas of life, including in the workplace.

As we celebrate women this Women’s Month, let us reflect on women’s achievements, but also on the issues that we still face, as a country and as a global society. At the end of the day, we should all be working towards a better and more inclusive world for women, men, children, and for the environment around us. My hope is that future Corporate Social Investments (CSI) efforts will work towards making communities self-sustainable in ways that are also kind to the environment.

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