Simphiwe Mtetwa

Editor’s Letter

Hi there,

We are proud of this ground-breaking edition which announces the exceptional CSI Managers of the Year. Our team has engaged in passionate discussions about the intricacies of formulating matrices and measuring tools to identify the essence of a true CSI Manager.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties, we persisted with the conviction that true leaders would emerge.

We compiled a carefully curated group of individuals, by means of extensive research, who consistently ranked in the top 10 of our selection process. These deserving individuals were captured in snapshots, and we extended invitations to feature their inspiring narratives. We based our selection process on the belief that those who agreed would emerge as new leaders of innovation, risk and leadership, as they confirmed something they believed but were not entirely sure of. 

Their stories are meticulously dissected, revealing the synergy between companies and the leaders propelling them forward. This issue is a testament to collective learning and growth. 

We celebrate the diverse tapestry of excellence in the industry, showcasing outstanding CSI Managers who have made indelible marks in mining, insurance and water. Alongside these inspiring narratives, you’ll also find insightful contributions, such as Miss Ria Phiyega’s exploration of “Safer South Africa”, and features on organisations like Reach for a Dream.

We acknowledge that gaps may exist within our selection process, but therein lies the beauty. Your engagement and insights are integral to our journey to refine and amplify our selection processes. This issue is a celebration and an invitation to delve into the intricate tapestry of CSI endeavours. 

We hope you enjoy the journey within these pages as much as we enjoyed crafting them. Special thanks to Lois Kuhle, our senior editor, and contributors Samson Nkosi and Khaya Tyatya. I would like to especially thank Dylan Joseph, who came on board as an intern and is now my right-hand man. We have gone through a lot, and I am proud of your growth. Keep on continuing.

Lastly, I thank the Living God who guides me through every idea and every page and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you, and enjoy the issue.