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Connecting decision-makers to change-makers

We are South Africa’s fastest-growing corporate social responsibility news platform, having the specific goal of helping South African corporate decision-makers define and develop corporate giving.

We have over 4000 industry subscribers, around 50 of whom are decision-makers with a combined budget of over ZAR7 billion (USD466 million). We work alongside government, captains of industry, inspired authors, academics and industry enthusiasts to champion real change in South African social development.

Clients trust our CSI expertise, which we combine with cutting edge research and high-level skills in digital innovation. Our work enables the South African CSI industry to deliver impact better, faster and with more enduring outcomes.

Our 30-year vision and 10-year commitment to give 10% of our profits to communities through The GivenGroup Foundation gives us the ability to impact more communities through two strong business models – the business and the foundation. Our many years’ experience in the CSI sector enables us to tackle today’s urgent challenges in education, housing, economic development and natural disaster management, ideally positioning us to help our clients meet their CSI objectives.

Connecting decision makers with change makers.

We create content on social responsibility, helping government, corporates, consultants, NPOs and NGOs to reach their target markets through appropriate, targeted development news.  We work with modern and ambitious clients who want to define the future through delivering quality programmes and projects that impact the ‘body, mind and soul’ of the communities in which they work.

Captains of industry rely on us to solve industry-defining challenges in strategy, digital transformation, research, content development, creative design and enterprise development, all with a strong social responsibility component.

We measure our success by the success of our clients and partners, driven by a passion to see corporate social responsibility done better. Our years of experience in the sector enables clients to develop a clearer vision, a more informed strategy and better, more detail-oriented implementation. We follow this up by co-writing, editing and designing attractive and impactful CSI reports that capture what you have achieved.

CSRNEWS operates as a well-oiled machine informed by a strong set of entrepreneurial beliefs and values. Our individual team members, experts in their fields, are celebrated, valued and encouraged to bring their full, authentic selves to the workplace. The result is a stimulating work environment where team members challenge each other constantly – questioning, posing alternatives, and constantly pushing boundaries for the best possible solution for our clients.

Our team includes academics, MBA students, masters graduates and a strong cohort of journalists and editors. Each of us plays our part in ensuring that projects are executed with flair and precision. We take considerable care in recruiting and skilling our teams, regardless of their already high levels of competence when they join.

Our passion is to do good, resting upon a strong foundation of Christian values and beliefs. Although not all staff members are Christian, the faith of the founder and core team carries the vision forward, informing how we relate to our clients and communities. Projects are executed with integrity and communication is transparent. If we don’t know something, we ask. If we think a client can do better, we say so. We strive to execute projects boldly, but in a spirit of constant learning.

We love creativity and innovation, combining it with discipline and hard data – always a winning combination when a team gets it right. We’re aware, too, that while faith is constant, the context in which we work is always changing and that only by changing tactics, methodologies and skills will we stay abreast of the complex realities of a country like South Africa.

Our beliefs in a nutshell?

  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and all your strength, and
  • Love your neighbour as yourself.’


We started with a simple goal of reporting CSI news to the South African CSI sector.
... million rand has been exchanged in response to our cutting edge news and research.
... million rand is the amount we aim to see moving within the CSI ecosystem as a result of our products.



Founded almost a decade ago, CSRNEWS is led by a team steeped in the ethos of social and economic development, and the role of the private sector in making it happen.  Our founder, is all about the bigger picture – keeping it global and long-term. Our Vision 2052 inspires and guides us to dig deeper, look further and set measurable targets for 30 years hence.  This to us, is real leadership – inspiring a community and setting an agenda that can be attained with collaboration, zeal and a firm grasp of the realities we face.

Our Community

The South African Corporate Social Investment (CSI) community is one of the wealthiest on the African continent, current reports estimate the combined CSI budget of ZAR 10.3 billion, or just over USD 466 million (though we believe worth over ZAR 65 billion or USD 4.3 billion). Together our country’s corporate CSI divisions are shaping our social and economic landscape. Through their funding of NGOs, private companies are training entrepreneurs, equipping hospitals, digging boreholes, constructing homes and invigorating our nation’s educational system through teacher training and whole school development.


Businesspeople in a business conference

Our team members have backgrounds in both NGOs and the corporate world, and have access to leading decision-makers in South African CSI today. This allows us to work with ambitious clients who want not only to define the future but to live well in the future they are building.

Together with our clients, we define bold objectives and devise CSI strategies that work in the real world. Our solutions work because they are founded on years of experience in CSI, detailed knowledge of the corporate and NGO landscape, and a high degree of technical know-how.

Gone are the days of random corporate giving. Companies today are expected to possess a clear social development vision, informed by strong community linkages and meaningful partnerships with a variety of stakeholders. Projects are collaborative, and need to be based on an in-depth knowledge of the community in which they are implemented. Hugely important, monitoring and evaluation must be built into every project so that lessons can be identified and woven into subsequent projects.

Working with us will feel different, because our people are unlike any other. We are constantly at work to create the foundation for strong corporate social responsibility projects that combine creativity, strong relationships, a listening ear and a sense of what South Africa needs now – in a landscape that changes all the time.



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